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Closed end airtight zipper


 •Diving suit, Dry suit  

•Water sports products 

 •Tents, flexible cover

Open end waterproof zipper


Immersion suits  

•Survival suits  

•Surf suits

 TPU waterproof zipper


cooler bags  

•dry bags  

•packing products

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Reliable waterproof zippers, airtight zipper, airproof fastener for sale

When it comes to shopping online, look out for the trustworthy airtight zippers airproof fastener& watertight zipper suppliers that provide the best for the most affordable price. That’s how we work!

Our company offers a full range of airtight zipper and waterproof fastener  for sale. KinZip’s zippers products are your heavy-duty, silent, and closure solution that is perfect for diving sportswear, protection and rescue suits, and lots more. We produce and carry the pressure-, gas-, and watertight zippers for the largest variety of applications:
  • Protection suits: radiation and gas protective clothing, decompression clothing, space suits, diving and immersion suits, firefighting suits, etc.;

  • Functional clothing and boots;

  • Active marine sportswear: survival and life suits, wet and dry diving suits;

  • Camping gear: tents, bags, backpacks, etc.;

  • Inflatable objects: water walking balls and waterbeds;

  • Air-cushion vehicles like hovercraft;

  • Flexible containers to prevent mechanic tools from damage.

Extra strong and flexible, our innovative TPU watertight zippers provide maximum protection by sealing all edges tightly when the zipper teeth are closed. You can count on KinZip’s closure products in any stressful environment.

Watertight zipper & airproof zipper Wholesale and Retail

KinZip CO., LTD is the top watertight zipper & airproof zipper sealed fastener manufacturer in China. Our advanced zipper solutions are designed to handle extreme conditions, protect against different hazards and accidental injury. Our upscale zippers keep what’s inside safe so that any contamination or damages are no longer a threat.
Just pick one of our product categories that include:The next step is the selection of an appropriate item. Make sure its specification fits your closure needs completely and order the desired zipper product. Don’t forget to pay attention to the length. If you have no idea how to measure watertight zippers, click the tab ‘News’ so you can read our useful tips.
On our website, you can buy high-quality airtight zippers online at wallet-friendly prices. Whether you need further assistance or have questions regarding zipper products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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waterproof zipper

Immersion suit

watertight zipper for Immersion suit zipper, waterproof zipp..

waterproof zipper

cooler bag with TPU waterproof zip

The ice cooler assembled with 100% waterproof zipper and it'..

waterproof zipper

Diving suit drysuit

diving suit zipper, dry suit zippers The waterproof zip..

waterproof zipper

fire suit

fire suit

waterproof zipper

Chemical Suit

Chemical Suit zippers, to replace YKK zipper

waterproof zipper

water walking ball

watertight zippers for water walking balls

waterproof zipper

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber zipper

waterproof zipper

dry bag

dry bag zipper, water resistant zipper

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